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Nt hash cracker windows 7

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LM and NTLM basicsThe LM hash is the old style hash used in Microsoft OS before NT 3.1. Then, NTLM was introduced and supports password length greater than 14.On Vista, 7, 8 and 10 LM hash is supported for backward compatibility but is disabled by default.The goal is too extract LM and/or NTLM hashes from the system, either live or dead.

These hashes are stored in memory (RAM) windoows in flat files (registry hives). Extracting the hashes from the SAM (locally)If LM hashes are enabled on your system (Win XP and lower), a hash dump will look like:Administrator:500:01FC5A6BE7BC6929AAD3B435B51404EE:0CB6948805F797BF2A82807973B89537:::If LM hashes are disabled on your system (Win Vista, 7, 8+), a hash dump will look like:Administrator:500:NO PASSWORD*********************:0CB6948805F797BF2A82807973B89537:::The first field is the username.

The second field is the unique Security IDentifier for that username. The third field is the LM hash and the forth is the NTLM hash. Example with fgdump� Double click on fgdump.exe you've just downloaded,� � After a few nt hash cracker windows 7 a file "" has been created� Edit this file with notepad to get the hashes� Copy and paste the hashes into our cracking system, and we'll crack them for you.On Linux (or Live system such as Kali/Backtrack) you can use creddump (python based), or Samdump2 :bt window # samdump2 /mnt/XXX/WINDOWS/system32/config/system hhash 2.0.1 by Objectif Securite ( author: ncuomo@studenti.unina.itAdministrator:500:01fc5a6be7bc6929aad3b435b51404ee:0cb6948805f797bf2a82807973b89537:::You can then post the hashes to our cracking system in order to get the plain text. Extracting Windows Password hashes remotely Man In the Middle attackYou can use ettercap and the man in the middle attacks to sniff the username and password of a user over the network.You can read ettercap tutorials.There so much that ettercap can do and there are hadh tutorials covering how to use it !Metasploit / hashdumpMetasploit is an interesting pentest framework.Documentation is at you have compromised the computer using metasploit you can extract the hashes doing : use privhashdump Dump Toolsfgdump or pwdump6 can also remotely dump hashes :C:> fgdump.exe -h -u AnAdministrativeUser [-p password]orC:> pwdump6.exe -u AnAdministrativeUser [-p password], AnAdministrativeUser's account will be used to perform the password dump.

Keep in mind that any user used to perform password dumps needs administrative credentials. In this scenario, you will be prompted for the password before the password dump starts.fgdump hashes are stored in hah file ; pwdump6 will dump the SAM to the screen.You can then post the hashes to our cracking system in order to get the crackre text. Note #1A large number of -old- tools, which extract hashes from the registry were confirmed as producing corrupted hashes when using the registry extraction wincows were as follows :� Metasploit Hashdump Script� Creddump� Samdump2 1.0.1� Cain and Abel� Pwdump� Pwdump5� Pwdump7� FGDump 3.0� l0phtcrack 6.0More information wkndows this issue : Stamp Out Hash Corruption, Crack All the Things!

- BlackHat 2012 Online Hash Crack is an online service that attempts to recover your passwords (hashes like MD5, NTLM, Wordpress etc), your WPA dumps (handshakes) and your MS Office encrypted files, obtained in a nt hash cracker windows 7 way (pentest, audit, lost password.). RainbowCrack IntroductionRainbowCrack is a general propose implementation of Philippe Crakcer faster time-memory trade-off technique.

It crack hashes with rainbow tables.RainbowCrack uses time-memory tradeoff algorithm to crack hashes. It differs from brute force hash crackers.A brute force hash cracker generate all possible plaintexts and compute the corresponding hashes on the fly, then compare the hashes with the hash to be cracked.

Once a match is found, the plaintext is found. If all possible plaintexts are tested and no match is found, the plaintext is not found. With this type of hash cracking, all intermediate computation results are discarded.A time-memory tradeoff hash cracker need a pre-computation stage, at the rcacker all plaintext/hash pairs within the selected qindows algorithm, hadh, plaintext length are computed and results are stored in files called rainbow table.

It is time consuming winvows do this kind of computation. But once the one time pre-computation is finished, hashes stored in the table can be cracked with much better performance than a brute force cracker.In this project, we focus on the development of optimized time-memory tradeoff implementation.

GPU acceleration is another key feature of RainbowCrack software. By offloading most runtime computation to NVIDIA/AMD GPU, overall hash cracking performance can be improved further.Several TB of generated rainbow tables for LM, NTLM, MD5 and SHA1 hash algorithms are listed in this page.

Download 77 of RainbowCrack Software� Full time-memory tradeoff tool suites, including rainbow table generation, sort, conversion and lookup� Support rainbow table of any hash algorithm� Support rainbow table of any charset� Support rainbow table in raw file format (.rt) and compact file format (.rtc)� Computation on multi-core processor support� GPU acceleration with NVIDIA GPUs (CUDA technology)� GPU acceleration with AMD GPUs (OpenCL technology)� GPU acceleration with multiple GPUs� Runs on Windows operating systems� Runs on Linux operating systems� Unified rainbow table file format on all supported operating systems� Command line user interface� Graphics user interfaceDownload RainbowCrackRainbowCrack 1.6.1 is nt hash cracker windows 7 on April 25, 2015.We strongly recommend 64-bit version of the software.

As no more than 2 GB memory can be used by 32-bit application. VersionSoftwareOperating SystemGPU Acceleration1.6.1rainbowcrack-1.6.1-win32.zipWindows 7/8 32-bitrainbowcrack-1.6.1-win64.zipWindows 7/8 64-bitrainbowcrack-1.6.1-linux32.zipLinux 32-bit (x86)Norainbowcrack-1.6.1-linux64.zipLinux 64-bit (x86_64)1.6rainbowcrack-1.6-win32.zipWindows XP/Vista/7/8 32-bitrainbowcrack-1.6-win64.zipWindows XP/Vista/7/8 widows 32-bit (x86)Norainbowcrack-1.6-linux64.zipLinux 64-bit wundows XP/Vista/7/8 32-bitNorainbowcrack-1.5-win64.zipWindows XP/Vista/7/8 64-bitrainbowcrack-1.5-linux32.zipLinux 32-bit (x86)Norainbowcrack-1.5-linux64.zipLinux 64-bit (x86_64)� 2003-2016 RainbowCrack Project � HOME� Top Security News� Infosec Trainings� Our Company� TOOLS� All Security Tools� New Releases*� Password Dump Tools� System Security Tools� Network Security Tools� Anti-Spyware Tools� Online Security Tools� PASSWORD� WINDOWS� WI-FI� DOWNLOADS� Download Center� PAD Files� CONTACT� Contact us� Follow us� RSS Feeds� Join Mailing List� Advertise Here� Get Your Tool !!! Windows Password Recoveryusing Live/Offline/Remote MethodWindows Password Kracker :Free Windows Password Recovery SoftwareRemoteDLL: DLL injection based tool to inject/remove DLL from process.NetShareMonitor: Monitor yourshares from intruders.ProcNetMonitor: Process Network Port Monitoring ToolAbout Rainbow Crack Gone are the days when we have to wait for the days together torecover the Windows account password.

Thanks to therainbow cracktechnology, now we can crack the passwords in few secondswith 100% success rate.This Rainbow cracking technology works on simple concept. Instead ofcomputing the crafker for each password dynamically and comparing withthe correct one during cracking, password hashes are computedin advance for all character sets.

These hashes are then stored indatasets called rainbow tables.So cracking involves just comparing the current password hash withthe pre computedhashes within the rainbow tables and get the associated plain textpassword. Hence it takes very less timecompared to the traditional method of brute force cracking. Setting up therainbow table for various cracier sets is just one time activity andmay take days or months based on the character set andspeed of the machine. Once the rainbow tables are ready, you can feedthe password hash to it and get your password cracked in seconds.Recovering Windows Account Password In order to recover your Windows user password,first you have to get theLM hash for the target user account.

This can be done in many ways. You canuse any of the tools such aspwdump,cain&abel orLC5. Youneed to have administrator privileges to dump the hashes using thesetools. If youhave lost administrator password itself, then you can boot thesystem usingBackTrack live cd or Windows restore CD and then copy the SAM &SYSTEM hive files (which is located in c:windowssystem32configfolder. Note that your system drive may wineows different). Next feed thesefiles to Cain& Abel tool to get the LM hashes for the target account.Here is the screenshot of retrieving LM hash for users using theCain&Abel tool Once you have collected the LMpassword hash, you can start the password cracking operation usingthe rcrack tool (part of theRainbowCrack Project)with the rainbow tables that you have already craccker for certaincharacter sets.Note that with Vista onwards Windows no longer hwsh LM crackef under certain windosw as it was susceptible toeasy brute hasg cracking.

In such cases, you can as well use the NTLMhash to recover password with RainbowCrack.Ideally setting up the rainbow tables takes huge amount of disk spaceand lot craacker computing time to generate the tables. Hence its notpractical for anyone to create such an setup on the home system.Online Rainbow CrackingTo make the game eaiser, lot of websites ( including free aswell as commericial jt offer free online rainbow cracking service.

Theseorganizations have setup huge database of rainbow tables for all keysetson their high end machines which makes the cracking possible in fewseconds. Also these services offer password cracking for different typeof hashes such as LM, NTLM, SHA, MD5 etc.For FREE services you may have to wait for some time based on the loadand incoming requests.

However you may also look for commercial servicesfor quick results at smaller cost.If you are an organization who needs this kind of passwordrecovery service craxker then you can consider buying precomputed rainbowtables for reasonable price and perform the password cracking operation usingrcrack tool. Here are the list of websites which offerFREE fracker rainbowcracking. you find good online hash cracker links let us know, hadh willupdate it here.Now you don't have to wait for days together with half hope to getback your lost password :)References1.

RainbowCrack:Fast method of recovering Windows password.2. pwdump:�Tool to dumphashes of Windows user accounts.3. Cain & Abel:Multi purpose security tool.4. BackTrack Live CD :Linux live CD distribution for Pentesting.5. LC5 : Tool todump hashes and recover passwords for windows users.See Also Windows Password Recoveryusing Live/Offline/Remote MethodWindows Password Kracker :Free Windows Password Recovery SoftwareRemoteDLL: DLL injection based tool to inject/remove DLL from process.NetShareMonitor: Windlws yourshares from intruders.ProcNetMonitor: Process Network Port Monitoring ToolNew Software ��Router Password Recovery v1.0Our Enterprise Company ��Top 10 Downloads ��� Facebook Password Decryptor� Wi-Fi Password Decryptor� Wi-Fi Password Key Generator� Google Password Decryptor� Chrome Download Unblocker� Chrome Password Decryptor� Browser Password Decryptor� Firefox Password Viewer� Outlook Password Decryptor� Router Password KrackerLatest Releases ��� Router Has Recovery v1.0� Hash Generator v5.5� Firefox Cracke Spy v2.0� Download Manager Password Recovery v2.0� Stream Armor v4.1� Exe64bit Detector v2.1� FireMaster v6.5� Network Share Monitor v4.0� Windows USB Dracker v3.0� Mail Password Decryptor v7.5Tools Category ��� Password Recovery� Wi-Fi Security� Anti-Spyware� Network Security� Windows UtilityTop Security News ��� Wiindows who gave Isis hitlist of US targets jailed for 20 years� Foreign hacker who aided Islamic State gets 20 years in US� DDoS attacks: For the hell of it or targeted � how do you see them.� Yahoo already hit with lawsuits over hack - CNET� Change your password!

Yahoo confirms data breach of 500 million.Security TrainingOur Free Advanced Malware Analysis Training SeriesNew Softwares ��� Router Password Recovery� Firefox History Spy� Edge Password Manager� Windows Spy Keylogger� Pinterest Cracer Chrome Download Unblocker� Firefox Winddows Unblocker� Chrome History ManagerNew Articles ��� Exposing the WiFi Password Secrets� In-Memory Execution of an Executable� Malware Memory Forensics� DLL Injection and Hooking� Creating Keygen for Crackme CodeNew Online Tools ��� Online Base64 Decoder� Foxmail Password Decoder� IMVU Password Decoder� DynDNS Password Decoder� Trillian Password DecoderTestimonials ��"I have found 'SecurityXploded' tools to be an invaluable asset."- Winsows, Police Dept, Delaware, USAAwards ��Awards for our softwares from leading Download SitesAbout SX� About� Company� Awards� Testimonials� ContactSecurity Tools� Password Tools� Online Security Tools� Wi-Fi Security Tools� Metasploit Modules� Software Pad FilesResearch & Training� Research Articles� Security Training� Security Videos� Security Books� Mentorship ProgrammeOur Infosec Network� XenArmor� SecurityPhresh� SecurityTrainings� MalwareNet� SecurityXplodedSecurityXploded - SAFE & SECURE Site CertificationSecurityXploded � 2007-2016, All rights reserved.

Division of XenArmor PVT LTD.apycom Advertise |Sitemap |Privacy |License |About |Contact Us What is ophcrack?Ophcrack is a free Windows password cracker based on rainbowtables. It is a very efficient implementation of rainbow tablesdone by the inventors of the haxh. It crafker with aGraphical User Interface and runs on multiple platforms.Features:� � Runs on Windows, Linux/Unix, Mac OS .� � Cracks LM and NTLM hashes.� � Free tables available for Windows XP and Vista/7.� � Brute-force module for simple passwords.� � Audit mode and CSV export.� � Real-time graphs to analyze the passwords.� � LiveCD available to simplify the cracking.� � Dumps and loads hashes from encrypted SAM recovered from a Windows partition.� � Free and open source software (GPL). GFI LanGuard is the essential tool for sysadmins:� Automate multiple OS patching� Scan for vulnerabilities� Audit hardware and software� Run compliance reportsYour FREE trial awaits:Download a 30 day, fully functional, free trial which also includes GFI technical support.No credit card requiredGoing cdacker the process of cracking passwords with different free tolls whilst providing tips for defending your password from being cracked. If you would like to read the first part in this article series please go to How I Cracked your Windows Password (Part 1).

IntroductionIn the first part of this series we examined password hashes cracksr the mechanisms Windows utilizes to create and store those values. We also touched upon the windpws of each method and possible avenues that can be used to crack those passwords. In the second and final article in this series I will actually walk crafker through the process of cracking passwords with different free tools and provide some tips for defending against having your password cracked.It is always crucial to note that the techniques shown here are strictly for educational purposes and should not be used against systems for which you do not have authorization for.

Obtaining Password HashesIn order to crack passwords you must first obtain the wijdows stored within the operating system. These hashes nt hash cracker windows 7 stored in the Windows SAM file. This file is located on your system at C:WindowsSystem32config but is not accessible while the operating system is booted up.

These values are also stored in the registry at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESAM, but again this area of the registry is also not accessible while the operating system is booted.There are a few different options here depending on the level of access you have to the machine you are auditing. Physical AccessIf you have physical access, one of the most effective methods is to boot the computer into a different operating system.

If you are comfortable using Linux then this means you can simply boot to a Linux live CD that is capable of reading NTFS drives, mount the Windows partition, and copy the SAM file to external media.If you crackrr not quite comfortable doing this, you can use Nordahl�s famed Offline NT Password Editor, available here.

This is a bootable Linux distribution designed to aid system users who have forgotten their passwords by allowing them to reset them. The software takes the users input, creates a valid cracjer, and replaces the old hash in the SAM file with the new one.

This is useful to us because we can also use the distribution to simply read the SAM file and get the hash data.In order to do this, boot from the CD image and select your system partition, the location of the SAM file and registry hives, choose the password reset option [1], launch the built in registry editor [9], browse to Windos, browse to the directory of the user dracker wish to access, and use the cat command to view the hash contained in the files.

The output will be in hex format, but it works with a simple conversion.Figure 1: Hex output of the SAM hashBefore using the Offline NT Password Editor to actually reset a password, be sure that you are not using Encrypted File System (EFS) on anything released after Windows XP/2003.

If cracler do this, it will cause the operating system to ahsh its EFS keys, resulting in more problems than just a forgotten password.

Console AccessIf carcker are performing password auditing activities without physical access to the device in question, but you still have console access through remote desktop or VNC, then you can obtain password hashes through the use Fizzgig�s fgdump utility, obtainable here.Once you have downloaded fgdump to host you can simply run it with no options to create a dump of the local machine SAM file.Figure 2: Confirmation the Fgdump Utility Ran CorrectlyOnce this is completed, a file will be generated in the same directory the utility was launched from that contains a list of winvows user accounts, their LM hashes, and their NTLMv2 hashes.Figure 3: Password Hashes Output by Fgdump Network Crac,er, if you do not have any interactive access to the machine that has the hashes you want, your best bet is to attempt to sniff the hashes as they travel across the network during the authentication process.

Of course, this will only work if the client is authenticating to a domain controller or accessing resources on another client, otherwise, you are more out of luck than a one armed man in a paper hanging contest.If you are on the same network segment as the target client you can use the Cain and Abel program to intercept the password hashes as they are transmitted between devices. Cain and Abel is a free utility downloadable from here.

Using Cain and Abel you can initiate a process called ARP cache poisoning, which is a man in the middle attack that takes advantage of the ARP protocol to route the traffic between two hosts through your computer. While ARP cracked poisoning is active you can use Cain and Abel�s built in network sniffer, making it possible for you to cracier NTLM password hashes that are being communicated between the poisoned hosts.

The theory behind ARP cache poisoning and how to do it are another windws in itself and a bit beyond the scope of this windowx, but if you wish to learn more about ARP cache poisoning you can do so here.

Cracking Passwords Using Cain and AbelNow that we actually have password hashes we can try to crack them. If you have already downloaded and installed Cain & Abel then you are already a step ahead because we will be using it to crack our sample LM passwords.If you have not yet installed Cain and Abel you can download it from here. The installation is just a hasy of hitting next a few times.

If you do not already have it installed, you will also be prompted to install the WinPCap packet capture driver used for Winvows and Abel�s sniffing features. Wundows installed you can launch the program and click on the Cracker tab near the top of the screen. After doing this, click on the LM & NTLM Hashes header in the pane on the left, right click in the blank area in the center of the screen, and select Add to List.Cain will not accept a simple copy and paste of the password hash, so you will have to place the hash in a text file formatted a special way.

If you extracted your hashes using fgdump then you should hazh have the text file you need, which contains hashes on a line by line format.Figure 4: Accepted Formatting of Passwords HashesIf you extracted your password hashes manually you will need to create a file with a line entry hhash every user account.

Each line should contain the username, the relative identifier (RID) portion of the users SID, and the hashes. The format of these elements should be:Username:RID:LMHash:NTLMHash:::Browse to this file, select it, and click next to import the hashes into Cain and Abel. Windoss this is done, you can right click the account whose password you want to crack, select the Brute Force Attack option, and choose LM hashes.

The brute force attack method attempts every possible password combination against the hash value until it finds a match. On the screen that follows you can select the characters you want to use for the brute force attack and the minimum and maximum password lengths.

Notice that the character set is automatically configured to use only uppercase characters and number with a maximum length of 7, due to the characteristics of LM hashes.In our example scenario where we have a password of PassWord123 we will see immediate partial results as the program returns that �Plaintext of 664345140A852F61 is D123�.

We have already cracked the second half of the password hash. On a modern computer, going through every single possible password combination should take no longer than 2 ? to 3 hours, guaranteeing an eventual success.Figure 5: Cain Successfully Cracks the LM Password Hash Cracking Passwords Using John the RipperCain and Abel does a good In this tutorial, we will use 'bkhive','samdump2', and 'John the Ripper' in Kali Linux to crack Windows 7 passwords.For this tutorial, you needa) Kali Linux LiveDVDb) A Windows 7 machinePerform the following steps:1) Boot the machine using Kali Linux LiveDVD2) Open the terminal window, and view the list of partitions on diskroot@kali:~# lsblk3) Mount the Windows partitionroot@kali:~# mount /dev/sda2 cravker Traverse to the SAM database directory.root@kali:~# cd /mnt/Windows/System32/config5) View 'SYSTEM' file in 'config' directory.root@kali:/mnt/Windows/System32/config# ls6) Dump the syskey bootkey from Windows System Hiveroot@kali:/mnt/Windows/System32/config# bkhive SYSTEM hive.txtbkhive 1.1.1 by Cracjer Securitehttp://www.objectif-securite.choriginal author: ncuomo@studenti.unina.itRoot Key : CMI-CreateHive{F10156BE-0E87-4EFB-969E-5DA29D131144}Default ControlSet: 001Bootkey: 9055be7eb881423834eda4a7427acbe07) Dump the Windows password hashes.root@kali:/mnt/Windows/System32/config# samdump2 SAM hive.txt > hash.txtsamdump2 1.1.1 by Objectif Iwndows author: ncuomo@studenti.unina.itRoot Key : CMI-CreateHive{899121E8-11D8-44B6-ACEB-301713D5ED8C}8) View the hash fileroot@kali:/mnt/Windows/System32/config# cat hash.txtAdministrator:500:aad3b435b51404eeaad3b435b51404ee:31d6cfe0d16ae931b73c59d7e0c089c0:::Guest:501:aad3b435b51404eeaad3b435b51404ee:31d6cfe0d16ae931b73c59d7e0c089c0:::shabbir:1000:aad3b435b51404eeaad3b435b51404ee:638fc14bdf05a6445d5a1e5c1f81fe5d:::Batul:1004:aad3b435b51404eeaad3b435b51404ee:674e48b68c5cd0efd8f7e5faa87b3d1e:::Ali:1005:aad3b435b51404eeaad3b435b51404ee:209c6174da490caeb422f3fa5a7ae634:::9) Crack password hashes using John the Ripperroot@kali:/mnt/Windows/System32/config# john -format=nt2 hash.txtCreated directory: /root/.johnLoaded 5 password hashes with no different salts (NT MD4 [128/128 SSE2 intrinsics 12x])shabbir (shabbir)admin (Ali)(Administrator)(Guest)welcome wibdows 5 time: 0:00:00:00 DONE (Thu May 7 00:05:01 2015) c/s: 59142 trying: please - zephyr Clash Of Clans YT Friday, 9 October 2015 at 05:00:00 GMT+5:30Download New Windows 7 Keygen/Crack 2015 Free Working Here: Reply Delete Praveen Yadav Sunday, 8 May 2016 at 11:47:00 GMT+5:30other way for crack windows admin password is here. Reply Delete SATTA KING Saturday, 9 July 2016 at 21:33:00 GMT+5:30SATTAMATKASATTA MATKASATTA MATKA RESULTKALYANMATKAKUBERMATKADPBOSSHttp://SimpleSatta.Org/Http://SimpleSatta.Org/Http://SimpleSatta.Org/Http://SimpleSatta.Org/Http://Sattamatka77.Net/Http://Sattamatka77.Net/Http://Sattamatka77.Net/Http://Sattamatka77.Net/Reply Delete �>2016(3)�>April(3)��2015(72)�>November(2)�>June(18)��May(24)� Metasploitable 2: Privilege Escalation Hack 1� Metasploitable2: Hack FTP Server and NFS Server us.� Vulnerability Scanning with OpenVAS in Kali Linux� Convert VMware Virtual Machine to KVM� Configure NTP using Chrony for an isolated network.� OpenVPN hasu Point-to-Point VPN using SSL/TLS mode in.� OpenVPN - Point-to-Point VPN using Static Key Auth.� Configure Postfix as a Gateway for Exchange� Block Email Spam using Procmail with Postfix� RAID with LVM Configuration in RHEL7� Configure LVM (Logical Volume Management) in RHEL7.� Fake Website with DNS Spoofing in Kali Linux� Man-In-The-Middle Attack using Arpspoof in Kali Li.� Capture passwords using Wireshark in Kali Linux� Public Key Authentication in SSH Server� Configuring Software RAID in RHEL7� Bypass Firewall and IDS using stunnel in Cracekr Crack Windows 7 passwords using Kali Linux� Crack Linux Passwords using Kali Linux� Access Blocked Website using SSH tunnel� Block Websites using Squid Web Proxy Server� IPSec VPN (public key authentication) using Libres.� Email Encryption using S/MIME in Evolution Email C.� Email Encryption ntt OpenPGP in Evolution Email .�>April(28) Download CrackStation's WordlistHow CrackStation WorksCrackStation uses massive pre-computed lookup tables to crack password hashes.These crackfr store windiws mapping between the hash of a password, and the correctpassword for that hash.

The hash values are indexed so that it is possible toquickly search the database for a given hash. If the hash is present in thedatabase, the password can be recovered in a fraction of a second. This onlyworks for "unsalted" hashes. For information nt hash cracker windows 7 password hashing systems thatare not vulnerable to pre-computed lookup tables, see our hashing security page.Crackstation's lookup tables crzcker created by extracting every word from theWikipedia databases and adding with every password list we could find.

We alsoapplied intelligent word mangling (brute force hybrid) to our wordlists to makethem much more effective. For MD5 and SHA1 hashes, we have a 190GB,15-billion-entry lookup table, and for other hashes, we have a 19GB1.5-billion-entry lookup table.You can download CrackStation's dictionaries here, andthe lookup table implementation (PHP and C) is available here. Project X16: Cracking Windows Password Hashes with Winrows (15 pts.)Project Windiws Cracking Windows Password Hashes with Hashcat (15 pts.)What You Need for This Project� A Kali Linux windoows, real or virtual� A Windows 7 machine, real or virtualCreating a Windows Test UserOn your Nt hash cracker windows 7 7 machine, click Start.Type in CMD and press Shift+Ctrl+Enter.If a "User Account Control" box pops up,click Yes.In the Administrator command windowss window,execute this command:net user jose password /addDownloading and Installing CainIn a browser, go to Cain & Abel for Windows NT/2000/XP.

Install itwith the default options.TroubleshootingIf that page is blocked, which it is on many college campuses,you can get a version of Cain from my Website here:'s a password-protected 7-Zip archive. The password issamIf you don't have 7-zip, get it here: Password Hashes crqcker CainOn your Windows 7 desktop, right-click gash Cainicon and click wwindows Run crackdr Administrator".If a "User Account Control" box pops up,click Yes.In Cain, on the upper set of tabs, clickCracker.In Cain, move the mouse to the center of thewindow, over the empty white space.Right-click and click " Add to list.".In the "Add NT Hashes from" box, accept thedefault selections and click Next.The password hashes appear,as shown below.Understanding Password HashesThere are two password hashes: LM Hashes and NT hashes.LM hashesare very old and so weak even Microsoft has finallystopped using them by default in all Windows versionsafter Windows XP.NT hashes are Microsoft's "more secure" hash,used by Windows NT in 1993 and windoss updated inany way.

As you will see, these hashes are alsovery weak and easily cracked, compared with Linuxpassword hashes.Cracking four Linux hashes took winxows 20 secondsusing a dictionary of 500 words when I did it,but as you will see, you can crack four Windowspasswords using a dictionary of 500,000 wordsin about a second. Windows password hashesare more than 10,000 times weaker thanLinux hashes.Notice that your NT passwordhash starts with 8846, just like mine.

This isbecause Microsoft doesn't salt hashes-every useron every Windows machine on Earth has the same saltif they are using a password of password.That means you can often crack Windows passwordhashes by just Googling them, because manylists of common passwords and hashes havebeen uploaded to the Internet over the last20 years.However, we'll use hashcat, which is avery powerfulway to crack passwords.Exporting the Hash to a Text FileIn Cain, right-click jose and clickExport.

Save the filein your Documents folderwith the namewin1 in the default format (L0phtCrack 2.x file).Open the file in Notepad.Carefully highlight the NT hash for Jose,as shown below, right-click it, and clickCopy.Pasting the Password Hash into Kali LinuxIn your Windowe Linux machine,in a Terminal window,execute this command:nano win1.hashIn the nano window, from the menu bar at the top,click Edit, Paste.The hash appears,as shown below:Press Ctrl+X, Y, Enter tosave the file.Dowloading a WordlistWe'll use a list of approximately 500,000 commonlyused passwords windods the RockYou breach.In a Terminal window, execute these commands:curl > rock.dic.gzgunzip rock.dic.gzhead rock.dicYou should see the first ten passwords,as shown below:TroubleshootingIf that server is down, use these commands instead:curl > rock.dichead rock.dicCracking the HashIn a Terminal window, execute this command:hashcat -m 1000 -a 0 -o cracler -remove win1.hash rock.dicType YES and press the Enter key.In a Terminal window, execute this command:cat winpass1.txtExplanation: This uses hashcat with these options:� Windows NT hashes (-m 1000)� Using a dictionary attack (-a 0)� Putting output in the file winpass1.txt� Removing each hash as it is found� Getting hashes from win1.hash� Using the dictionary rock.dicYou should see the hash, with the cracked passwordof " password" at the end,as shown below:Saving a Screen ImageMake sure the Terminal window is visible, showingthe cracked passwordof " password".Click on the host machine's desktop, outside the virtual machine to make the host machine's desktop active.Press the PrintScrn key to copy the whole desktop to the clipboard.YOU MUST SUBMIT A FULL-SCREEN IMAGE FOR FULL CREDIT.In the host machine, open Paint and paste in the capturedimage.

Save it as " Windkws Name ProjX16a".Getting the win2.hash ListIn a Terminal window, execute these commands:curl > win2.hashcat win2.hashYou should see four password hashes,as shown below:Cracking the HashesIn a Terminal window, execute this command:hashcat -m 1000 -a 0 -o winpass2.txt -remove win2.hash rock.dicType YES and press the Enter key.In a Terminal window, execute this command:cat winpass2.txtYou should see the hashes, with the found passwordsat hsah end of each lineas shown below.

(I redacted the passwords.)Saving a Screen ImageMake sure the Terminal window is visible, showingthe found passwords.Click on the host machine's desktop, outside the virtual machine to make windoas host machine's desktop active.Press the PrintScrn hazh to copy the whole desktop to the clipboard.YOU MUST SUBMIT A FULL-SCREEN IMAGE FOR FULL CREDIT.In the host machine, open Paint and paste in the capturedimage.

Save it as " Your Name ProjX16b".Turning wnidows Your ProjectEmail the images to with a subject line of " Proj X16 From Your Name", replacing crackrr Name" with your own first and gash name.

Send a Cc to yourself.Sources n 5-19-15 � Home� Forums� Decrypter / Cracker� MD5 Decrypter� NTLM Decrypter� SHA1 Decrypter� Submit Founds� Competition� Database Gash Hash Min Max� WPA Crack� Lists and Competition� List Manager� Found Queue� Competition� Contest� Upload Queue� Prizes� Tools� Hash a Windws List Tool� Text Encryption� Bin Translator� Hashcat GUI� Downloads allows you to input an NTLM hash and search for its decrypted state in our database, basically, it's a NTLM cracker / decryption tool.How many decryptions are in your database?

We have a total of just over 312.072 billion unique decrypted NTLM hashes since August 2007.Please input the NTLM hashes that you would like to be converted into text / cracked / decrypted. NOTE that space character is replaced with [space]:Please note the password is after the : character, and the NTLM hash is before it. NTLM Hashes:Max: 64Please use a standard list formatList your LM / NTLM hashes hassh here!

(Max: 64)e.g.0b3a0bf752587b05269a4e85c1391e5d8846f7eaee8fb117ad06bdd830b7586c0cb6948805f797bf2a82807973b89537The NTLM decryption results will be displayed in this box.

Please use the textbox above to specify the NTLM hashes you wish to decrypt / crack.

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